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Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment

Varicose veins and spider veins are manifestations of a medical condition known as chronic venous insufficiency. This condition is seen by many as a “cosmetic” issue when in fact it is a venous circulation defect. This is why individuals with vein issues often experience unusual itching, burning, or aching of the legs. When severe, many individuals may even experience nighttime leg cramping and restlessness in their legs when sitting or sleeping. Vein issues like arterial issues result in the development of symptoms due to their impact on a person’s blood flow. This treatment is designed to address the venous circulation defect caused by one’s varicose and spider veins. The method of treatment is dependent on what aspects of the venous system is impaired. Treatment is tailored to the individual and can involve endovenous laser ablation treatments, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy treatments and visually guided sclerotherapy treatments or a combination of each. The result is a venous circulation that is more efficient and a leg that will feel much better and look much better.

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