Face Treatments

Fotona 4D

This is a 4-step proprietary laser treatment designed to promote collagen and elastic tissue rejuvenation and tightening within the face. These four steps are comprised of the following: 1. Smoothlift (an intra-oral laser treatment that promotes collagen, elastic tissue and tissue tightening within the tissue of the mouth. No other treatment available in the market treats the full thickness of the skin in this manner). 2. Frac 3 treatment (this step helps to soften the skin by breaking up imperfections within the skin that will prevent the skin from freely expanding as collagen continues to increase within the tissue). 3. Piano step (this step helps to tighten up loose skin that may have developed over the years as the skin starts to stretch due to skin laxity). The 4th step is a Superficial peel (a light laser exfoliation facial that removes the dead layer of skin on the epidermis of the skin. This helps to give the skin a more natural glow that is commonly seen in younger skin). All four steps combined, make up the Fotona 4D treatment, widely regarded as the most comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment available in the world today.

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